Spring Manufacture & Production

Emmotts have long recognized the need to be competitive in today’s market place and that customer’s will always have varying level of demands, both with volume and lead times.  In response to this we have developed our production facilities progressively so that its structure and manufacturing techniques remain flexible and competitive. By doing so we can satisfy the needs of customers who require only a few parts to those who require much larger production runs. Deliveries can be scheduled, on call-off or Kanban and we have a wealth of experience in operating SMI (supplier managed inventory) systems.

We have a vast experience in working in a variety of metals, from the traditional high carbon spring steels, stainless steels, to more exotic alloys such as beryllium copper and Inconel.

We also supply a wide range of Industries, from Defence, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Power generation, Electrical and Mechanical to name but a few.

Whilst UK based the limit of our ambitions are global. Our products are exported to all the major manufacturing centres of the world, from Europe to China, Australia to the USA.